Candidate for State Representative, Kelly McDonough, interview with Stephanie Kiecko owner of Daydreamer & Co., Robesonia, Berks County

A little about your background
I opened my business in January 2017, we started out as She is Chic Boutique (also known as She is Chic Style). We’ve recently rebranded so we could fit who we actually are. We are now Daydreamer & Co.

Have you always been interested in fashion? 
I have always been interested in fashion, but my passion just keeps continuing. It is more than clothing though, it is about body positivity and helping women feel like their best selves.

What made you want to start your own business here in Berks County? 
I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. My Grandfather owned a diner, The Village Pantry (which is now the Red Plate) and my parents own their own businesses. I opened in Berks County because I live here, and want to serve the community in which I live. I believe my calling was to always be an entrepreneur, I feel as though I was supposed to do something big.

About Daydreamer & Co. 

How did you come up with the name? 
I came up with the name while working on my rebranding with my business coach. I always knew I would be rebranding, I was growing away from She is Chic for a long while. I am a lover of astrology and all things different, after all, I’ve got a big fairy tattooed on me. I am a Pisces, and Pisces are natural Daydreamers- so it inspired me to make it more me!

How long have you been in business? 
I stared my business in 2017. I got the push after my husband was injured in a life altering accident. It inspired me to live life like there was no tomorrow, I took the plunge.

How many people do you employ? 
I am the sole worker for Daydreamer & Co… although, I have a lot of help from my friends and family who volunteer their time.

What do you specialize in/ what goods and services do you provide? 
I am a women’s boutique. I have things in size small through 3XL, I also carry accessories and the little things. One service I have as an add on is a professional spray tan service, which is something fun I added this year!

What organizations or businesses do you supply? Local and/or statewide and national reach? Fundraisers? 
Whenever someone comes to me for their children’s sports fundraisers, or any fundraiser- I always say yes! We must help eachother. I also try to do tons of community events, I put together a miniature Robesonia tour this year. I am a huge believer in supporting small business.

Brick and mortar and online store? 
I have been online since 2017, I started my brick and mortar store last year- but we will be closing the brick and mortar for the foreseeable future. I hope one day to be able to open a physical store!

How has COVID-19 affected your business? 
COVID-19 is destructive in many ways, so so many ways. My heart breaks for those people suffering, families losing their loved ones. My heart also breaks for those who are losing their livelihoods, because for most of us small business owners, our businesses don’t pay for vacation homes but it pays our bills and food on our table.

What are your concerns or questions you want addressed in the midst of this health crisis? 
My main concern currently is the plan for our future, not only how we will deal with Covid-19 in the future, but how will we handle saving our local businesses. So many are shuttering their doors, I am one of those people. Online business is great, but I am scared for the small little mom and pop shops.

Anything else you would like to add? 
I would love to see everyone come together so we can figure out a plan that helps all people around the state. Community over competition, people over parties!

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